Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Twenty-Four-Hour Drivel

As I write this, I am vacationing. It’s a bit cold and windy, so we’re inside and CNN/MSNBC/Fox gnus is on the TV. All I see/hear is repetitious redundant coverage of trivia. We have the Barak in native garb nonsense. Then there’s all the “he said” and “she said” and “the other guy said” stuff.

And Wolf tells us that he’s on CNN with “the best political team in broadcasting” about once each five minutes. That is about as much fun as Fox folks telling us they are “fair and balanced.” Hey, show us … actions speak louder than words, right?

And all the resident “pundits.” Tired of them, too. It’s all the second law of thermodynamics and it’s corollary: gas expands to fill available space.

Even the so-called debates have turned into drivel and trivia. What, on earth, new have we learned from these final Democratic debates? Nice when the two candidate differentiate themselves from McCain, but I really have not learned anything new in the last several meetings of Hillary and Barak. Have you? And the questions asked. Yikes! Some of them are like the proverbial “When did you stop beating your wife” ilk.

Well, it’s back to reruns of “Law & Order” on TNN. Much better use of my time and the airwaves.